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Dec 5, 2013

Ngozi Opara, Heat-Free Hair

When Ngozi Opara took a job as a financial analyst to supplement the income she earned from her hair studio, she had no idea she'd end up using that money to launch a new beauty brand. And now with 8 months already under her belt, the Heat-Free Hair Movement Ngozi created is starting to pick up steam.

Heat-Free Hair provides hair extensions that closely blend with multi-textured hair, allowing women to transition on their own terms while creating protective hair styles without using heat. "Initially, [Heat-Free] was something I thought would just be a cool idea, but after seeing it grow, my dreams for the business are starting to come into fruition," she muses.  Here, the guru of healthy manes shares her favorite getaways, secrets to being a great manager and bumble bees.

Hometown: Washington, D.C. * Age: 25 * First job: Menswear Consultant * Advice she'd have given herself 10 years ago: Do what it is you want to do. That would have saved me 3 years when I was [enrolled] in the wrong major at college. * Most valuable business lesson learned: You can only have what you believe you can have. * Currently working on: Our brand ambassador campaign that will allow us to have different women all across the world represent our brand and be a part of our team.

Currently Reading: Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." It's a great read for employers to learn how to manage better. * Reading Next: Napoleon Hill's "Outwitting the Devil." It's one of my favorite books that keeps me positive especially in business so I reread it every two months or so. * Last fun purchase: I recently purchased a bike from Amazon. I call her "bumble bee." She's black and yellow and attracts a lot of attention.

Hotel: The Mondrian in South Beach. * Getaway: My parents' house. Whenever I feel the need to de-stress and eat great food I escape to my parents' house. * Entree: For breakfast I like Red Velvet Chicken Waffles from SOCO in Brooklyn, NY and for Lunch/Dinner: Okro Soup and Pounded Yam from this African restaurant named Rahama, in North West D.C. Im kind of addicted! * Guilty pleasure: Netflix. If I start, I can't stop.

uptown Ngozi Opara

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