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Oct 25, 2012

The Other Great Canadian Sensation

A drinkable souvenir you really have to travel for

A few weeks ago, at a small stall just outside Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal, we had a swallow of something very special, something that the producer called Crème d'Erable.  We call it maple cream.

This concoction is a very sweet, very emo, very Canadian thing. Like Drake. In fact, it’s what we imagine he smells like: premium grade maple syrup, fresh cream, and rum. It tastes not unlike other cream based liqueurs that have graced our coffee - or ice cubes - before.  Except this one has a warm, maple-y finish.

Part of the Coureur des Bois portfolio of spirits, this friendly drink is a multi-tasker.  It’s something you could have morning, noon and night: Pancake topper. Coffee creamer. Toddy killer. Martini accoutrement. Ice-cream float intensifier.

Unless you already have a Québécois bestie who’ll ship you a case, pick up a bottle in person.  Meaning, it’s a good excuse to slip away to Montreal - because this maple cream is not something you’ll find stateside. Thank us later.


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