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Aug 30, 2012

21st Century Candles

Flames you can control with a remote.

You may have heard that summer is winding down. The worst part has nothing to do with summer Fridays being over.  Noooo.

The terrible awful we speak of is much worse: sunlight deprivation.

8:10 pm sunsets will soon become 7:03 pm sunsets. And so forth.  Without the right amount of light, you’ll inevitably fall into a SAD, dark spiral.  With the daylight savings fallback still a ways away, what to do?

We have a very high tech Rx for you – in the form of an LED Candle with Remote.

The ivory pillars have a wax exterior and LED lights that will flicker, brighten or dim as dictated by the palm-sized controller.  The candles come in four sizes.  Use the timer function for faux flames that burn bright for up to eight hours, plenty of time to get your daily recommended dose of Vitamin D.

Also protects against The Boogeyman.

The LED Candle With Remote ($17-$52) is available here.


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