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Jul 24, 2012

Pure Luxury at Purobeach

Welcome to the Mediterranean’s newest playground

Yachts. DJs. Sunsets. Backrubs.

There are run of the mill luxury getaways and then there’s PurobeachPorto Montenegro. Located on a mini peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, this is the place to mix and mingle, worship the sun, and enjoy chillout mixes by international DJs. (Because when you summer in southeastern Europe, that’s how you do.)

The sun slowly sinks behind the stunning mountains of Bay of Kotor, and that’s when the party really begins: with outdoor and indoor bars and restaurants catering to your every whim. Arrive by car, or better yet - anchor at a private pier. Enjoy outdoor massages and use the free wireless internet to upload photos to Instagram. We all know, it’s not as much fun until you make your friends back home jealous. And seeing that Montenegro is one of the newest countries in the world, the hashtag #firstdibs is fully appropriate. So is #beachbum.


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