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Jul 19, 2012

iHeart My iPhone

Need help staying fit? Now there's an app for that, too.

We’ve all seen people jogging with those clunky heart rate monitors. But no matter how fit you are, it’s tough to look cool with a thick plastic band wrapped around your mid-section. There must be a more sleek, elegant solution—but where is Steve Jobs when you need him? Well, Mr. Jobs may have gone on to that great high tech lab in the sky, but leave it to Apple to come to the rescue. A new iphone app called myPulse allows you to simply place your index finger to the camera and get an instant display of your heart rate—no stress and no extra gear to buy.

That means you can optimize your workouts, by making sure you are in the ideal heart rate zone. You don’t even have to press a start button—the intelligent app is activated automatically, and even allows you to keep a digital log of your activity, which can easily be exported with notes.

So go ahead: jump for you. myPulse will let you know when you’re in the zone. (iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s required.)


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