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Jul 10, 2012

Case Settled

A carry-all fit for a stud

The way we carry our belongings says a lot.

A rumpled paper bag, for example, signifies we are on our way to Occupy Wall Street, and can't be bothered with the trappings of materialism.  A backpack says, I may have graduated but I'm still a kid at heart. A fancy leather bag whispers, I am probably wearing artisanal essential oil and own many hair products. But face it: none of these are you. And yet, you still need something to carry your stuff around town.

Solution: Burberry's Studded Leather Document Case. Stylish and practical, its sleek shape suggests not only that you're going places, but that you're bringing something important with you. At 16 x 11, that might be your Emmy Award, a draft of your new book, or your blueprint for world domination. The document case is made of 100% calf leather, so it also quickly lets people know you're not vegan. The studs indicate you know how to handle your business.

Because world domination with a little pomp and circumstance never hurt anyone. Carry on.

Burberry's Studded Leather Document Case retails for $3995 and comes in dark marigold and black.


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