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Jun 26, 2012

The Coolest Bed. Ever.

A bedroom toy everyone will enjoy

If Bed Fan existed back when the Isley Brothers were in a sweltering studio writing Between the Sheets, we think it would have inspired a song that went something like this:


This heat ain’t no mystery

Summer’s come, far as I can see

But I will keep you here, sleeping next to me

Sharing this breeze between the sheets


Ooohh baby, baby

I feel this cool surrounding me

Ooohh baby, baby

We got Bed Fan between the sheets


Oh girl, now you can hold me tight

With this remote, I’ll make you feel alright

Oh we just gonna flip this switch and turn up the breeze

Push out the heat between these sheets


Bed Fan, I love you all night long

And for now, we’ll keep the covers on

Now I don’t mind sharing this bed, because there is no heat

Sleep is so cool between the sheets


Pick up Bed Fan with Wireless Remote at Brookstone. $99.99.




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