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Jun 5, 2012

SubPug News

A smarter, cuter RSS feed

If newspapers and Twitter had a baby, he would be friendly, large, and remember everything about us. In fact, he would be well-versed and active. Just the way a perfect child should be.
Well, our dreams have become a reality. It doesn’t walk or talk, and its parent isn’t a social network site. But little SubPug does remember everything you tell it.
SubPug is a feed reader that compiles all your favorite blogs and news sites into one location, providing all your favorite information at your fingertips. No username. No email. Just an RSS reader that automatically saves your favs into your browser. As an added feature, SubPug curates comments from the news sources so you can read what others have to say. You can also create a link of your customized SubPug and share with friends.
If only babies really were this smart.

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