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Jun 7, 2012

What's Your Blood Type?

Let your olfactory senses define you

Mention the word blood, and watch how people react.  Watching it pour from a wound, they cringe. Throw the word “True” before it and they become giddy with anticipation for the season premiere of the best HBO show of the decade. But Italian fragrance brand Blood Concept has managed to leverage those reactions with a new product that taps into your most sensitive sense: smell.

Blood Concept offers four unisex fragrances--A, B, AB, and O--which capture the personality of every blood type. Type A is as "aromatic as the scent of familiar land" while easy going Type B is known to be "as bold as unpredictable itineraries."

And by unpredictable itineraries we mean the zombie apocalypse and meet ups with fang-droppers.  The most important thing in such cases is to smell irresistible. The rest will sort itself out.


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