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May 22, 2012

Life's A GIF

New app animates life’s crazy moments using your own personal video footage

Sometimes the best comeback for an out-of-pocket Tweet or Facebook post is to send the classic one- second GIF of reality star Nene Leakes giving her infamous side-eye. GIFs have become a ubiquitous method for conveying just the right amount of snark in situations that require more than a worded response.

And now, thanks to the MyFaceWhen app, you can create witty, personal, and comical responses using your own video footage instead of searching feverishly on the Web to find a GIF with the right tone and sentiment. The animated shorts can be made from pre-recorded footage from your phone or created on the spot using your phone’s camera.
The newly released app is available in the App Store for $.99 and is compatible with both an iPhone and iPod Touch.

So go ahead--give 'em face.



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