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May 10, 2012

Just Beet It

Drinks that give a whole new meaning to ‘returning to your roots.’

Whether you love beets or avoid them like the plague, we’re positive these beet enhanced cocktails will have you looking at the root vegetable in a completely different light.

Feel the Beet @ Four Seasons Resort Whistler, British Columbia

While it might be nearly impossible to find space at this pint-sized watering hole, we recommend trying its beet-infused gin cocktail "Feel the Beet." The combination of strawberry puree and wildflower honey will have your childhood fears of this underrated veggie disappearing with each sip.

Bowery BeetVeselka, New York City

Who needs a V8 when you’ve got the "Bowery Beet"? The savory cocktail combines Eastern Europeans’ favorite vegetable root with, Nemiroff Lex Vodka, Applejack Brandy, fresh lemon juice and dill. Vegetarians rejoice.

Beet & Co. @ Windsor Court New Orleans, New Orleans

If the steep hotel prices have you avoiding the newly renovated Windsor Court New Orleans, there’s no shame in just heading to the cocktail bar -- aptly named Cocktail Bar. Expert mixologist Christine Jeanine Nielson whips up a delectable beet concoction consisting of pisco, agave, lemon and fresh beet juice at just the right price.

The Dwight Schrute @ Soho House West Hollywood, West Hollywood, CA

If you can get past the semi-uppity crowd, or are fortunate enough to already be a part of it, head to the bar for a beet treat, known as The Dwight Schrute, in honor of the infamous character on The Office. Beet juice, honey, ginger syrup, lemon juice and vodka make for a delightfully bright looking and tasting cocktail.

We Got the Beet Bourbon Steak. Washington, D.C.

Tequila makes everything better -- including beets. As you await your filet mignon, be sure to ask for the cocktail list. Cabrito Silver tequila, averno, lime juice and beet juice make up a beet-iful creation known as We Got the Beet, that you won't regret trying.


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