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Apr 26, 2012

A Global Treasure Hunt

Grab your passport, it's game time

There is a reason why we love going on vacation. We get the chance to experience new places, relax from the stresses of our daily lives and possibly soak up some sun. But there are also some who treat traveling like a treasure hunt and love to venture out and explore.

If you fall into the latter category and enjoy adventure, Rambler - a scavenger hunt social community for travelers - is the perfect travel buddy. The site helps you find the most random and thrilling crusades to make the most of your globe trekking, the way Indiana Jones would.

A few suggestions for your next itinerary: cross the makeshift bridge (Hong Kong), attend La Bomba Del Tiempo (Buenos Aires), stand on top of an active volcano (Nicaragua), find a fiery sunset (Iceland). The more quests you complete on Rambler, the more points you earn.

Considering all you have to do is pack—your next quest is to grab your passport and join in on the fun.


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