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Apr 24, 2012

Writer's Delight

Tablet, meet typewriter

Sometimes the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to take it back to the old school.

But if jabbing at your touchscreen is ultra-passe (and carpal-tunnel inducing), what's the only logical way to take your iPad to the next level? Plug it into the USB Typewriter--and get your Paulo Cohelo on.

This retrofuturistic accessory turns a seemingly useless relic into an external keyboard. The USB Typewriter plugs into any USB-capable device: PC, Mac, or even your iPad.

Though no two typewriters are alike, all include the modern keyboard amenities--ctrl, alt, esc, and arrow keys--that you'll rely on for creating mind-bending missives that will eventually become the stuff of box-office legend. Your very own Think Like A Man is just a click-click-clack-ding-whoosh away.

Plus, plugging your iPad into a quill pen is taking it too far.

USB Typewriter ($799) at UncommonGoods.com.



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