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Apr 19, 2012

Breathe Easy

Portable humidifier brings fresh air to smelly spaces

No one wants to book a vacation in a fabulous locale only to discover that, upon check-in, the hotel reeks of mold, stale smoke, or a locker room. Well, have no fear--the Travel Humidifier is here. Small enough to fit inside your checked luggage, this literal breath of fresh air can turn a dry overheated space into a healthy, moist environment in seconds.

Using an ordinary 16-ounce bottle of water, the Travel Humidifier is incredibly easy to operate: Just plug into any AC outlet, select the level of mist output, and voila--fresh air in minutes. Equipped with a transcontinental AC adapter as well as a travel plug, this 6.2-ounce lifesaver will quietly make any and every trip (domestic or international) easy breezy.

So go ahead--inhale.

Travel Humidifier available now at Flight 001.



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