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Apr 5, 2012

Working in Hi-Fi

A laptop desk for music enthusiasts

The Jetsons was set in 2062, so if life really imitates art, we're just 50 years from Rosey and flying automobiles.

The folks at La Boite have captured that retro- futuristic vibe with the LD120 Hi-Fi Soundsystem+Laptop Desk.

It's the kind of tricked-out school desk you might find at a DJ academy.

The basic elements of a workstation are there: a leather work surface supported by four lacquered legs. But it's the details hiding within the unit that will make audio snobs listen up, including a USB 2.0 DAC sound card, two 50-millimeter tweeters, two 70-millimeter full-range speakers, two 100-millimeter mid- range speakers, and a 160-millimeter woofer.

To translate: The sound is crazy. In a good way.

La Boite's LD120 Hi-Fi Soundsystem+Laptop Desk, $1,680.


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