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Apr 3, 2012

Junk Mail, Meet Karma

Slam snail-mail spam with just the touch of a button

Crate & Barrel. The Sharper Image. Victoria’s Secret.

Love the brands. Hate the mail.

Enter Paper Karma, a new mailbox monitor dedicated to righting this imbalance. The application - available for all mobile devices - will eliminate the clutter, leaving you to focus attention on more important matters. Like letters from your sidepiece.

To work some "Karma" on your paper nemeses, snap a picture of the offending catalog with your mobile device from within the Paper Karma app and within 24 hours you will have been successfully unsubscribed from any and every piece of junk from the snail-mail spammer.

Even karma has gone digital.

Available now at PaperKarma.com.

paper karma

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