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Mar 27, 2012

Make an Impact with GymPact

And you thought the only thing you could achieve from the gym was washboard abs

We’ve all been in this predicament before: You hate the gym, yet you love making money. Why not combine the two?

Thanks to the iPhone-based app Gympact, that's possible.

The only incentive-based fitness program on the market to date, Gympact (coming soon to Android phones) stands out from the rest because it not only helps you work out, but make money in the process.

First, make your "Pact" by committing to a certain amount of workouts each week, usually from Monday to Sunday. Second, log into any fitness facility--including parks, private studios, and outdoor tracks--using your iPhone or iPad. If you meet your fitness goal by the end of your session you'll receive a monetary reward, usually in the range of $.50 to $.75, depending on the workout.

If you're especially dedicated, you might just pay for your gym membership and earn a little extra to reward yourself with a day of retail therapy.

Just don't try to count a walk around the mall as a workout.

Download now from iTunes.


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