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Apr 3, 2012

Nicole Lyons

Testosterone and racetracks have always been synonymous - until Nicole Lyons.

The professional racer got her first adrenaline rush as a 2-year-old riding shotgun on the track with her dad, street racer Jack Davis. Now, Lyons competes professionally in ADRL, NASCAR and is getting ready for her NHRA Pro Mod debut.  Off the track, she owns LA-based restoration shop Cole Muscle Cars, where her tool-swinging all-female crew has been getting lots of attention for the custom rides they've been restoring.

For more on the LA native’s journey into the world of racing, being a trivia question, and why she doesn't care about red bottoms, visit UPTOWN.

But first, Lyons looks back on some personal milestones and tells US about a few off-the-cuff faves.

REFLECTIONS: First job: My first real job was working in my father's high performance automotive shop.* Advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago: Patience is a virtue and timing is everything.* Most significant life lesson learned: Since my father passed away in 2005, I think it really hit home for my mother and I that truly life can be much shorter than you anticipated so never live every day doing things you don't love and make every day you're here count for something.

PLAYING FAVORITES: Hotel: Trump Las Vegas. It's a non-gaming hotel. After a long day at the track, I can't handle all the cigarette smoke in most [hotel-]casinos. Besides that, it has amazing rooms with zen features which is key after a long day of racing. * Bar to meet friends for drinks: Buckhead Bottle Bar has an amazing happy hour menu combined with great service. * Brunch spot: Loca Luna in Atlanta. I order the plantains, chicken taco, spicy calamari, and asparagus. * Atlanta club: HALO Lounge * Prized Car: 1966 Chevelle because it was the car my dad worked on prior to his passing in 2005. * Last fun purchase: A high speed dirt quad. I never thought coming back home with dirty hair and muddy clothes would make me smile but riding a high speed dirt quad is so much fun.


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