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Mar 8, 2012

Haute Al Fresco

It’s not picnic season. Yet.

But these warm spells got us to thinking--actually obsessing--about BBQs and all manner of al fresco dining. Like picnics.

Especially picnics.

For 2012, there's a winning formula for the perfect outdoor outing that goes a little something like this: Tracy Reese + Clos du Bois wines = Clos du Bois Chic Picnique. (That’s right. Go up an octave on that last syllable.)

Think of it as a picnic basket for the parched. This sophisticated wicker vessel is lined with one of Tracy Reese’s most iconic patterns and brass furnishings. The TR-pattern-lined interior encases drinkable party favors in the form of Clos du Bois varietals plus the requisite accessories: matching napkins, reusable wine glasses, corkscrew, bottle stopper. Bunch of grapes, hunk of salty cheese, sleeve of water crackers, and delicious-looking dining companion not included.

The limited-edition basket ($135) is available at Tracy Reese’s MPD flagship store or online at ClosduBois.com.


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