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Feb 7, 2012

Mating By the Numbers

If you're trying to decide who to spend your Valentine's Day with, make it a scientific decision based on who makes your heart pitter-patter the most. How?

With Basis -the heart (and health) monitor.

No it's not technically a match-maker. Rather, Basis is a super-cool device for tracking your heart rate and calories burned throughout the day. Worn on your wrist, this technological wonder features a 3D accelerometer that calculates your heart rate and even tracks how your sleep patterns and activities affect the rest of your day-to-day. This thing even talks to you, offering feedback on how tasks like taking the elevator versus the stairs affects your overall wellness. And you won't even have to fiddle with Basis on the daily because after the first set up, it easily switches between sleep and exercise modes. Set up an online account and Basis will automatically upload your stats.

But all the functions of Basis would be pointless if it were too hideous to wear, right? Fortunately, its sleek, watch-like design will complement anything you find yourself getting into throughout the day, be it a tracksuit, business suit or your birthday suit.

Suddenly, picking who makes your heart beat fastest just got a lot easier.


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