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Feb 7, 2012

Tricia Lee Riley

Since 2006 Brooklyn based Tricialee Riley, founder of Polish Bar, has been reimagining the nail salon experience and pushing natural nails -- even when people didn't buy it. In those early days she recalls, “Women would walk out upset because we didn't do tips and fill-ins.”

Approaching its sixth anniversary, Polish Bar has expanded offerings which include not only natural nail services but also hair removal, treatments and beauty services.

True to the 37-year-old glamour gal’s “what’s next” modus operandi is Polish Bar’s first color line, slated to launch this summer. Here, an introduction to the award-winning entrepreneur:

REFLECTIONS: Hometown: Born in Brooklyn Ny., raised in Phoenix, Az. * Advice she’d have given herself 10 years ago: Always have a back up plan. Do what you love, try your best to not only be inspiring to others, but be inspired yourself. * First job: MAC Cosmetics artist * Most valuable life lesson learned: Never aspire to be a professional success at the cost of being a personal failure. * Words to live by: "Never give up on something you cannot go a day without thinking about."

DIVERSIONS: Currently reading: "The Power of Now"- Eckhart Tolle * Next on her reading list: "Fairytale Interrupted" * Recently discovered: These change weekly, but [right now] I have a slight obsession with pink and magenta skinny jeans, West Side Bond No. 9 Candle, and this app Voice Memo. * Last fun purchase: Magic Frog to Prince. It’s a glass cup with a sponge frog - fill it with water and over three days the frog turns into a Prince. I bought one for every single best friend I have.

PLAYING FAVORITES: Hotel: Any W Hotel. I would live in the W if I could. * Getaway: Scottsdale AZ- its home, the mountain hikes will give you clarity and strength. It’s more of a mental exercise than anything. * Entrée: In Arizona we have this place the Filiberto’s. It’s the [Mexican fast food] equivalent of Popeye’s in New York. It’s so bad but their Chicken Tacos are phenomenal. * Drink: Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with tons of ice, unsweetened.



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