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Jan 5, 2012

Champagne Wish Fulfillment

New line of bubbly contributes to charitable causes

The New Year celebrations may be over (mostly) but we're still in the mood for the bubbly as 2012 gets underway. Fortunately for those of us in Atlanta, D.C., and Memphis, there's Noble Legacy Champagne. The sparkling wine is a product of Young International Beverage, which touts itself as “the largest minority-owned supplier of beverage alcohol products in the United States.”

Because Young International is headed by Dr. Walter Young, the brother of civil rights living legend Ambassador Andrew Young, you do more than spread good cheer when you drink Noble Legacy Champagne. Proceeds from sales of Noble Legacy benefit the Andrew Young Foundation and other charitable causes.

Big on marking special occasions, Noble Legacy Champagne was ever-present during some of the events that took place before the storm-shortened August celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.

Now popping bottles can be about creating a “noble legacy” of your own.

noble legacy

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