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Nov 3, 2011

Dream Responsibly

The first water that helps you relax and fall asleep

A 2006 study found that approximately 70 million Americans can't sleep. Caffeine and energy drinks fuel the desire to be our most productive selves, resulting in longer work days. And even when we clock out, the maddening addiction to our smartphones, PCs and tablets doesn't really help our cause. Luckily someone was smart enough to create a product that would save us from ourselves. It's called Dream Water.

Dream Water is an all-natural sleep enhancer with zero calories, no preservatives and natural active ingredients, packed into a 2.5 oz shot.

Being the natural skeptics that we are, we just didn't believe that three sips of water would send us to the land of nod, so we decided to give it a shot (pun intended).

And we've been converted. The trick is to drink a bottle about 30 minutes before you actually want to go to bed -- aka halfway through True Blood. Instead of being attacked with sudden drowsiness, you'll be overcome with a warm and fuzzy mellow feeling that'll have you drifting off to la la land in no time.

Honestly, we're getting tired just talking about it.

Go to www.drinkdreamwater.com and order our favorite flavor, Snoozeberry.

dream water snoozeberry

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