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Sep 8, 2011

Lockers and Libraries For Your Tequila

On "Entourage", when Turtle decided to manifest his own destiny in the beverage industry with real-life tequila Avion, it was clear that tequila had hit the big time. More than just the ingredient that gives margaritas their kick, tequila - like a fine wine or cognac - has a royal history of its own. Like any tradition worthy of worship, this spirit has inspired a few shrines. The best among them, like the ones below, even offer “tequila lockers” that allow connoisseurs to savor and stash any noteworthy concoction.

NYC - La Biblioteca de Tequila

More popularly known as just “La Biblioteca,” this blue agave shrine helped elevate tequila to its rightful place atop the spirit pyramid with the general public. With 400 varieties, there’s never a tequila-less moment. As an innovator of the “tequila locker,” La Biblioteca has its own librarian and was truly the first to properly promote all of tequila’s goodness. So, don’t worry about drinking the whole bottle. Just stash and savor for later for up to six months free in your own locker. Trust us, school was never like this. 622 Third Avenue (at 40th Street), 212.808.8110

Chicago - Taco Joint Urban Taqueria & Cantina

Tacos may indeed be its namesake but its tequila that gives this joint its wings. Touting itself as the first to offer tequila lockers to Chicago, Taco Joint has over 50 brands on hand. It’s a simple formula: buy a bottle, savor a little for now and then save some for later. 1969 N. Halsted, 312.951.2157

Los Angeles - Rivera

Universally hailed as one of the best restaurants in L.A., Rivera, located near the Staples Center is definitely for tequila lovers with baller status. In its ultra-premium Sangre Room, “members-only” enjoy their firewater of choice stored in monogrammed, crystal bottles in private lockers. Rivera even has eight, specially-designed, tequila chairs in its Samba Lounge - plus TOT - tequilas on tap. Consider that owner/chef John Rivera Sedlar served as a Patron spokesperson for 10 years, it all makes perfect sense. 1050 S. Flower St. #102, 213.749.1460

La Biblioteca

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