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Aug 18, 2011

Proper Mornification

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, dare we say, brunch is the most important meal of the weekend.

Yet, even it needs a little fine tuning. Enter, brunch sliders.

We like to think of them as a more cosmopolitan twist on, say, le Egg McMuffin (in our best French accent) and here are just a handful of the fancy places where they have popped up.



Since its summer opening, Brunch has shown Chicago’s “biz” class how to kick back. With its own board room, complete with a teleconference system and Wi-Fi, plus a shoe shine, work never has to take a side seat. Good eating is its main draw, however, and one nifty dish is its brunch sliders. They come in threes, typically with a du jour offering to spice up the BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato) on toasted ciabatta staple. And, on the weekends, Brunch is open from midnight to 3 p.m. Now that’s “mornification” in action. 644 N. Orleans, 312.265.1411,@BRUNCHCHICAGO.


CBH Lounge at Crescent Beverly Hills

What’s not to love about a place with a weekend happy hour that starts at 11 am and ends at 1 pm? But their “Hair of the Dog” happy hour, including its Juicy Tangerine Mimosa, is not the only reason to rave. Its brunch sliders, featuring a brioche bun, turkey sausage, smoked maple aioli and sunny-side up quail egg, deserves a little applause too. And so does its indoor/outdoor set-up to make the most of sunny California. 403 North Crescent Drive, 310.247.0505.


The Shed at Glenwood

You may have spied this spot in The Blindside when Michael identifies the server as his brother. Located in the posh, non-touristy area of Glenwood Park in downtown Atlanta, The Shed is known for its sliders so a Sunday brunch edition was a natural progression. Occasional mouth-watering offerings include bacon and egg, country fried steak with gravy as well as the more typical fried green tomato and goat cheese. The Maine diver scallop version is a must.  Even better: washing them down with $9 bottomless mimosas. 475 Bill Kennedy Way, 404.835.4363, @TheShed1.




Its famous bacon doughnuts may take a bit getting used to but this barely year-old restaurant in increasingly hip Williamsburg isn’t too keen on following the rules. Its chef-owner is Jewish but his pork and shellfish leaning menu is very “traif” or “trief,” the Yiddish word for un-kosher. So, yes, its bacon-egg-cheese sliders, served with sweet potato fries and smoked paprika aioli, is a serious violation. Taking risks, however, does come with a tasty reward. 229 4th Street, 347.844.9578.


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