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May 17, 2011

Eyes To The Soul

Kehinde Wiley is a master of color and culture. Known for his portraitures of young black and brown males from different countries around the world, his unique expression makes the pieces memorable. It resonates. Sure there’s the obvious attributes that scream for attention. It could be the bright and beautifully placed colors, intricately designed background or the contemporary youth posing in ways influenced by the old renaissance – either way it’ll grab your attention.

But in our opinion, the most compelling aspect of his work is the way his subjects look back at you. There’s something about their gaze that paints the intangible. It’s emotional, thought-provoking and perhaps the most subtle beauty of his work.

If you find yourself in Culver City anytime soon, we highly recommend checking out his latest exhibition entitled The World Stage: Israel, which explores power, politics and the diversity of Israeli men. On view at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery till May 28th.

Gallery Address: 5801 Washington Boulevard; Culver City, CA 90232

Mizrath/Shiviti (The World Stage: Israel),

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