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May 10, 2011

Conversation Piece

Bespoke Art gives "see and say" a whole new meaning

Ever wonder what the sound of your name or your favorite quote looks like?

The folks at Bespoken Art must have considered just that, and came up with a picture worth at least a few words, if not a thousand.

And now, you can have them create a visual display from a word or phrase of your own utterance that can be hung as a piece of art.

The process is unbelievably simple. All you have to do is either call Bespoke Art and they’ll record your voice, or you can just send a sound file. Any sound--animal sounds, noisy city streets, songs--can be represented in the visual medium as a wave pattern, and Bespoke turns that into art.

You might be wondering, are these "sound portraits" really customized? Won’t the same word result in identical art work for every person? Actually, no. Each person’s voice has various tones, pitches, and annunciations, creating a unique sound wave that makes your art completely different from everyone else's.

A sound portrait can even be customized with color for more of a personal touch. We like the portraits that use one color with two contrasting shades. The end result is a deceptively simple but highly personalized work of art. A phrase like “I love you,” wedding vows, baby sounds, or the laughter of a loved one make for a meaningful and memorable gifts that will definitely get people talking.

See what we're saying?

sound portrait

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