These Are the Top 7 Places to Eat Pizza in Los Angeles

While L.A. isn’t most known for its pizza, it turns out that they have some shops of their own that aren’t all too bad.

Here are seven of the top pizza joints in L.A:

1. 786 Degrees

 Truly bomb pizza.


This pizza was the bomb--ayy. #quiteliterallyactually #bombaychickentikkapizza #786degreespizza

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2. Masa of Echo Park

This family-operated joint uses organic and locally sourced ingredients for their Chicago Deep Dish pies.


3. Pizzanista!

 Mac and cheese pizza? They got it. They also have $2 pizza slices every Tuesday, and a ton of vegan options!


4. Mulberry Street

 Classic New York-style pizza is always the best— it’s thin, yet crispy, and you can fold it up like a taco. Mulberry Street’s also close to places you can shop at in Beverly Hills. Win-win.


Thin-Crust Cheese Pizza || Mulberry Street Pizza || Los Angeles, CA ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? Photo Credit �???: @lafoodieguy ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? In addition to celebrating #LaborDay, the #NationalCheesePizzaDay celebration is in full swing, too. �???�???�???�??? This thin-crust cheese pizza from Mulberry is some of the better NY-style pizzas you'll find. You can fold it like the east coast pies and the crust is crispy.�???�??? Like, comment or tag a friend who is celebrating Cheese Pizza with you! ???�??????�???�??? #LAFoodieGuy #LAFG???????????? ???????????? ????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????????�???�???�??� Comment or tag your friends! �???�???�???

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5. Pizza Boy

They not only have an amazing selection of pizza, including chorizo,  but pretty much anything and everything else you’d want to chow down on.


6. Abbot’s Pizza

Famous for their bagel crusts, Abbot’s lets you create your own pizza like a boss.


7. 800 Degrees

This chain has a number of locations scattered throughout L.A. Think Chipotle with insane toppings (pine nuts, corn, squash, etc.) for pizza!


Come in from the rain and enjoy authentic Neapolitan pies �??? #800Degrees

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